275 Montauk Hwy, East Moriches, NY 11940
Emergency: 911

About Us

East Moriches Community Ambulance is a New York State Department of Health  Certified, Advanced Life Support Agency. All of our medical operations are regulated by both New York State Department of Health and Suffolk County EMS protocols. Our trained team members are comprised of New York State Certified EMT-Paramedics, EMT-Critical Care Techs, and EMT-Basics.

Many of our members are involved in EMS not only by providing excellent patient care but also by serving on boards, committees, and organizations at the local, state, and national levels. We are proud to say that we have outstanding relationships with, and work proudly side by side with the dedicated volunteers of both the Eastport and East Moriches Fire Departments. We also work very closely with local law enforcement. To those organizations, we thank you.

What is EMS?

Emergency Medical Services (abbreviated to the initials “EMS” in some countries) are a branch of Emergency services dedicated to providing out-of-hospital acute medical care and/or transport to definitive care, to patients with illnesses and injuries which the patient, or the medical practitioner, believes constitutes a medical emergency.

Emergency medical services may also be locally known as: First aid squad, Emergency squad, Rescue squad, Ambulance squad, Ambulance service, Ambulance corps or Life squad.

The goal of most emergency medical services is to either provide treatment to those in need of urgent medical care, with the goal of satisfactorily treating the malady, or arranging for timely removal of the patient to the next point of definitive care. This is most likely an emergency department at a hospital or another place where physicians are available. The term Emergency Medical Service evolved to reflect a change from a simple transportation system (ambulance service) to a system in which actual medical care occurred in addition to transportation. In some developing regions, the term is not used, or may be used inaccurately, since the service in question does not provide treatment to the patients, but only the provision of transport to the point of care.

In some jurisdictions, EMS units may handle technical rescue operations such as extrication, water rescue, and search and rescue. Training and qualification levels for members and employees of emergency medical services vary widely throughout the world. In some systems, members may be present who are qualified only to drive the ambulance, with no medical training. In contrast, most systems have personnel who retain at least basic first aid certifications, such as (Basic Life Support (BLS). Additionally many EMS systems are staffed with Advanced Life Support (ALS) personnel, including paramedics, nurses, or, less commonly, physicians.